First Nestle had the cheek to censor artificial colourants; removing them from Smarties has transformed these rainbow droplets into turgid shadows of their previous selves. Ugly ugly ugly!

Then they had the audacity to sell this decision to us, the loyal consumer, with the upbeat assertion “NOW WITH NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURANTS” like making good things taste bad should be seen in the same light as changing water into wine.

Not for one moment do I believe that Nestle made this decision based on an altruistic love for our indigo children. For nearly three decades I ate Smarties with the religious vigour of a reborn and I can safely say I have suffered no ill effect.

Call me reactionary, but I’m of the school of thought that believes, that artificial colourants were more than likely getting a bit expensive ,so Nestle was trying to increase their profit margins by using cheaper “earthy” colourants and sold us this idea like they were doing us a favour.

Lesson Number One -don’t fix what’s not broken and never, I repeat for impact never, try sell us your dumb idea, rather just don’t mention it at all. Okay!

Lesson Number two- never draw attention to the thing you are trying to silence by attempting to censor it.

Panga Management presents the Tut Tut Pam Golding Tut Tut show as a relevant example.

Now Pam let me get this right- I hear your company found the below work by Richard Mason on display at the AVA Gallery objectionable (I really don’t know why but each to their own) so you requested in the nicest possible way, sprinkled with the threat of legal action, to have it removed from the exhibition.

BAD PAM BAD, I know that this might be a difficult concept to grasp so I’m going to explain as simply as – apply water and stir-

If you are offended by an artwork you have 3 choices ;Laugh it off, Ignore it or buy it

 When you threaten censorship you get everyone hot under the collar and the media sells newspaper because of drama and so the consequence of drama is that the image you found so offensive gets plastered ever-y-where.

(Richard I think you should be a darling and send Pam some flowers, the note should say  thanks for all the publicity x R )

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