Now Pangamangement loves Susan Sontag stax, but we just don’t feel she is up to date with the contemporary camp sensibility,  and being that the text, Notes on Camp, was published 46 years ago we are not going to hold it against her, the below is so old it makes Nelson Mandela look like a toddler.

Random examples of items which are part of the canon of Camp:

Tiffany lamps
Scopitone films
The Brown Derby restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in LA
The Enquirer, headlines and stories
Aubrey Beardsley drawings
Swan Lake
Bellini’s operas
Visconti’s direction of Salome and ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore
certain turn-of-the-century picture postcards
Schoedsack’s King Kong
the Cuban pop singer La Lupe
Lynn Ward’s novel in woodcuts, God’s Man
the old Flash Gordon comics
women’s clothes of the twenties (feather boas, fringed and beaded dresses, etc.)
the novels of Ronald Firbank and Ivy Compton-Burnett
stag movies seen without lust

So all you Campers we have a moral obligation to make a new list of random examples of items which are part of the canon of Camp.

I will start

1.Chuck Norris is so camp !

2. Mini Coopers

3. 50’s housewives ( the clothes anyway)


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  1. one star says:

    Garden Gnomes

  2. one star says:


  3. Camp_as_knickers says:
  4. Cowboys, shoulder pads, Mr T……………

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