Cape Town is flapping with flags and swearing with vuvuzelas all frenetic and fantastically excited , flags on cars, trees, mirrors ,posts, poles but this my darlings takes the cake to a new level. The  most delicious looking South African flag I have every seen spotted at the Pick and Pay desert counter. Its official I love our flag, the vuvuzela on the other hand excites homicidal tendencies. Murder or eat jelly, murder or eat jelly……….tough call…….tough call……okay…..okay…..jelly

According to official South African government information, the South African flag is “a synopsis of principal elements of the country’s flag history.” Although different people may attribute personal symbolism to the individual colours or colour combinations, “no universal symbolism should be attached to any of the colours.” The only symbolism in the flag is the V or Y shape, which can be interpreted as “the convergence of diverse elements within South African society, taking the road ahead in unity.

From time to time explanations of the meanings or symbolism of the flag’s colours are published in various media, including official government publications and speeches by government officials.

Three of the colours — black, green and yellow — are found in the flag of the African National Congress. The other three — red, white and blue — are used in the modern flag of the Netherlands and the flag of the United Kingdom; the colours white and blue were also found in the old flag of South Africa.

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