How do you become a good artist?

That’s easy , just be too good to be bad, or be so bad that it make’s you good, but never, I repeat for effect never, be ineffectual.

What is the fastest way to avoid the painful tedium of purgatory if you can’t help being ineffectual?

Answer: no longer think of yourself as an artist or the seemingly more popular choice, sell your soul to a gallery that way you get to go to hell.

What do artist do in heaven?

 Well when an artist goes to heaven they find it’s a lot like earth except perfect and because there is no struggle they start making really bad, self indulgent work that has no relevance to anyone or anything.

Yes you guessed it, they become bad artists! then a very interesting thing happens, they decide that rather then going to hell or purgatory to be cleansed of their bad artist status they would rather come back to earth and become anything other than an artist.

( They often take up plumbing because they are used to working with their hands and dealing with shit.)

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