Arts and Culture Minister Lulu Xingwana stormed out in disgust over a “pornographic” art exhibition by Zanela Muholi. Gail Moffat from Truworths felt three paintings by Ayanda Mabulu were not suitable for an exhibition as they could have caused controversy. The ANC is appalled and strongly condemns in the strongest possible terms the ‘Dead Mandela’ painting by artists Yuill Damaso and also suggests it invokes witchcraft.

There seems to be an escalating trend at the moment resulting in many villages in South Africa missing idiots. Sources who wish to remain anonymous have provided Panga Mangement with proof that when the code name Village Idiot is placed on a CV under “Abbreviated Biography” the applicant, regardless of  what form of employment they were applying for , automatically gets fast tracked to a position of political or corporate power which entitles them to vocalise as many stunted opinions about art as they see fit.

Panga Management feels a moral obligation to offer  Lulu Xingwana, Truworths and the ANC some advice regards the above……..It’s fine to be stupid about art but don’t go advertising it by speaking, and don’t assume that when you do open your mouth that your opinion counts.

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