So SA has its knickers twisted at the moment or maybe a wedgie would better describe the political situation. The quagmire of strikes, alliance muscle flexing, leadership impotency and empty rhetoric are hitting the “club” with more intensity then a jager bomb tackling an anorexic. Imagine the current South African political landscape as a dance floor; black and white tiles demarcating the beginning and end of the arena (I know it’s an obvious aesthetic but SA is big on tradition) smoke machine, strobe light, mirror ball. Yup you got it……. smoke and mirrors using past and present racial difference as a floor to groove on.

The club is pumping the dance floor is packed with no elbow room (literally) and then you see them, a small group of impotent dancers shuffling from side to side in a circle at the centre of the dance floor.  Panga Management believes there is no excuse for bad manners and shuffling around protecting an empty centre while the rest of the dance floor is squashed is the height of bad manners. You can’t take what is not yours and then act surprised when all the other dancers want their fair share.Now who could blame Panga Management, or any other assertive member of the dancing community, for schooling the mediocre muppets in the art of use it or lose itby grooving over and invigorating the centre of the circle by the force of some well timed moves.

(Printed by E.Curil J. Pemberton and W. Taylor, from “A complete history of magick, sorcery, and witchcraft”  “Witches and devils dancing in a circle, woodcut, 1720.”)

The centre of the dance floor is only for those who can work the space to its best advantage- does PM have to spell this out? The centre of the dance floor is for people who hear the music when they dance. The peripheries are for those who embark on the ill timed wiggle.That being said every dancer regardless of their calibre needs to take responsibility for the space they take up anywhere on the dance floor.

Large women wearing stilettos on a crowded dance floor thundering the earth as they break a groove to Right Said Fred are a danger to themselves and everyone in their vicinity. Are you picking up what PM is  putting down? When a whole lot of tonnage is propped up by a 10 inch spiked heal on the move, its reasonable to surmise that when gravity asserts itself some poor git is going to get their foot punctured- this is NOT an acceptable scenario. If you’re a big lady by all means work the dance floor, it’s your constitutional right to dance, but do it without the weapons, nobody else should have to suffer damage because of your lack of foot control.

To all you dancers out there; earn your space on the dance floor by respecting dance floor etiquette! With that, Panga Management is signing off.

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