Panga Management LOVES exploring but would rather go a week without mascara than endure any of Cape Town’s big five tourist sites. Not only does PM dislike being in the presence of the foreign tourist and their “gone there, done that, tick it off the list”energy. PM finds it morally reprehensible that SA citizens are expected to pay tourist prices for the privilege of accessing our own heritage sites. These factors and general day-to-day life routines often result in one not exploring the town you live in with the same vigour as one would if you were a visitor to it.

Photo Credit : PM

Motivated by the above, PM has embarked on a “be a tourist in your own town” campaign. Our first outing took place on sunny Saturday the 11th of September. With Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture as our default theme tune, our team of intrepid explorers headed for the hills to watch the firing of the noon day gun (PM loves things that go BANG!) Cobbled streets flanked by Smartie coloured Bo-Kaap houses cheered us up and on as we scaled the summit of Signal Hill.

Photo Credit : PM

For 10 years Panga Management has heard the canon’s bang every day at 12h00 and now we are going to watch it. We arrive just in time for the 30 second count down; anticipation!  Big bang! Smoke! Yay! The view from the summit is spectacular and if you are like us, fascinated by history, you will love all the weird and wonderful artifacts lurking around the hill. The canon is prepared for firing by an officer from the Lions Battery and gets automatically ignited by an electronic signal sent by the Cape Town Observatory, situated as one might assume, in the suburb of Observatory. You can click here to read the history of the noon day gun.

Photo Credit : PM

The umbrella in this cocktail of fun was the free entrance, plenty of free parking and no foreign tourist juggling for the ring side view! Bliss!

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