On a cement cold, and overcast Sunday, Panga Management treks the N1 to Milnerton Market in the search for gold.  Milnerton Market is the place things go when they get lost (you know when you lose your keys, or a sock, or your memories) they end up at Milnerton Market waiting to be found. Milnerton Market is the great “lost and found counter” with a conclusive view of Table Mountain.

Photo Credit : PM

PM has a demanding inner pirate that requires a treasure hunting expedition, at least once a month.   Collections of “rough”, scruffy boxes and wonky trestle tables need to be negotiated during the search for diamonds.  Potential is everywhere, crippled by age, waiting to be freed from the purgatory of discard by the pirate’s eye for beauty.

Photo Credit : PM

Every object has a history and every stall keeper a mullet (okay I exaggerate regards the mullet, but only slightly). Monetary value has a fluid certainty at Milnerton Market and bargaining brings a health glow to the pirate’s cheeks.  When you conquer, and can be seen clutching your priceless- unique- never -to -be -found -anywhere –else- in- the- world -piece -of -treasure ,there is nothing better than making sunshine in your stomach  with one of Jan’s Pancakes.  When you fail and are forced to leave empty-handed there is nothing better than making sunshine in your stomach with one of Jan’s Pancakes.  Are you picking up what PM is putting down? Jan’s pancakes rock the pirate’s boat !

Photo Credit: PM

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