Okay Panga Management feels like one of those kids in that advert; you know the one that goes… “on my weekend we went to the movies”, and then the next kid say’s boastfully “we went to the movies and then we went to the fun fair” and then the next kid says “on my weekend we got KFC”. Well PM would rather snort razor blades then go anywhere near a KFC, but on our on our weekend Panga Management rode the Ferris wheel at the Waterfront , and then we went to watch the circus! How cool are we, and how sick did I feel on Sunday! (There is only so much candy floss one person should swallow over a single weekend)

Photo Credit : PM

In a way it’s bad to do two Tourist in Your Own Town activities in a weekend; you are bound to compare them, and one will always seem a little less cool than the other. So in the spirit of fairness each activity will have its own post. Panga Management categorically states, that both these activities are worth doing, but maybe one is worth doing a bit more than the other…… PM will let you decide for yourself.

The Ferris wheel situated on the Waterfront foreshore is branded / sponsored by Hisense; it’s called the Hisense Wheel of Excellence. PM and our crew assumed that Hisense was a tyre company, you know, some business that had conceptual links to wheels… but no. The Ferris wheel is made in Germany, but Hicense is a Chinese company that makes LCD screens (go figure). This raises a very important point, why is everything in South Africa for sale? Why must everything be named after the sponsor?

Photo Credit : PM

How are South Africans meant to develop a sense of pride in our country, when South African culture; sports teams, artists, landmarks (environmental and man-made) are sold to the highest bidder for naming rights. It’s no wonder that South Africans have become accustomed to worshiping quick bucks and bling over personal integrity and social sustainability. Just now we will be referring to “The Pick and Pay Table Mountain” or “The Discovery Health Camps Bay” or “the Nestle Rainbow Nation”.

Photo Credit : PM (Spot the Absa Building)

While PM is on this topic, you must read this! Click here. Panga Managements favourite quote from the article is…. “[We] told the security guards that this action is a violation of their constitutional rights to which the guards replied with the words ‘Your rights do not apply here. Absa makes its own rules’.” (WTF) Which is more destructive; religious fundamentalism or corporate fundamentalism? Tough call! Tough call! To sum up PM’s little rant, the current evidence suggests that in SA, big money is god and the brand is the altar open for sacrifices 24/7.

Photo Credit : PM

Anyway, back to the Ferris wheel; it’s really great in that ‘big –machine- lights- camera- action-kinda- way”, it’s clean and it feels like you might be the first to christen the little cabins with your excitement. This feeling is amplified by the fact that Panga Management and our crew, where pretty much the only people on the wheel at pick time on a Friday night. Clearly this is not a very popular activity, thank Gward for that! PM hates a queue. R70 takes you up, and down, and round and round, four or five times .The wheel offers a rare opportunity for you to view with a high vantage point, and from the foreshore direction, the city of Cape Town, harbour and mountain. PM felt like a giant in mini town; all the buildings and cars are mini-mini-toys and the night-lights appear to be glitter, sprinkled on the cityscape and freeways. It’s confirmed, if PM was a giant in Mini Cape Town, our first objective would be to flick (with disgust) the Hisense branding off the wheel, and our second moral obligation would be to administer the “nudge-kick” to all the branded Cape Town sky scrapers, starting of course with the Absa building!

Photo Credit : PM

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