Years ago when Panga Management was a fair amount shorter, PM’s school teacher set the “what-do-you-want-to-be–when-you-grow-up-task” and this is what PM wrote…“When I grow up I’m going to be a tight rope walker, my name will be Lilly and I will wear gold sequined costumes”.  This small assertive text was the very first piece of writing that PM had published (and yes, the class 2 annual year book counts as published).

So it should come as no surprise, when Panga Management proclaims that we love the circus! Not the animal circus, the people circus!

Photo Credit: PM

Watching circus folk defy, the fairly healthy sense of fear most humans carry with them, as they dive through fire-hoops and hang from moving swings meters above the ground, totally delights PM. That’s correct peeps, PM loves watching bodies and minds harnessed to challenge the ordinary, and yes it’s  safe to state, the circus makes PM want to be a better person. PM watched the Grand Moscow Circus at the Grand West Casino a few months ago; the performers were incredible, the performances polished  the venue logistically efficient . However this being said,  the venue being what it was/is ( a casino) was devoid of ambience or old world circus charm. In contrast The South African National Circus School based next to  Hartleyvale in Observatory is all about circus charm.  Click here to read about the school.

Photo Credit:PM

There is a red and white circus tent, hand painted signs ( not it that self-conscious yuppie -decor hand paint a sign kinda way, in that – we need a sign ,let’s make one, kinda way) there were kids running around /climbing the practise material in the yard, there was dust and dirt and a queue for tickets and a queue for candy floss, there was community ,there was family , there was buckets full of magic in the air, it was dark, it was light, it was perfect! And if PM has to queue for something, and still asserts that is was fab, you know it really is fab with a capital F. Tickets range from R40 to R80 (if I remember correctly) and for those prices there is absolutely no reason why you should not go and take your whole family to be filled with wonder as they experience the death of the ordinary.

Photo Credit:PM

The one thing PM finds goddam annoying about the circus are the clowns, they are too stupid! No matter how loud, or how often the audience screams,“Behind you- watch out- there is a ghost with an oversized hammer, and he is going to bliksem the kuk out of you”. They just don’t learn! When clowns are not being stupid-demanding, like dogs that come back to be kicked again, they are freaky-sinister. So PM can happily report that during the audience participation PM made a clown cry! Yes you heard it here first, PM catapulted an invisible ball with so much clown-hate that it broke the clown’s bag, and he left the stage in tears! How proud am I! So people go and watch the circus and make at least on day a year a circus day!

Photo Credit:PM


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