Panga Management has long been of the opinion that people don’t read “polite” signage. The public would far rather ask somebody what to do, or what not to do, then read the signage indicating how they should proceed. Exhibit A – On my left we have an “Exit Button” with a huge text above it that says “Exit Button” on my right we have Mr Average inquiring “how do we get out?” Exhibit B – On my left we have a sign that says “please don’t swim in the water there are crocodiles”, on my right we HAD a couple of foreign tourists on honeymoon. Exhibit C- the man said “God, please send me a sign” God responds “I would my son, but if I did you would not read it!”

Panga Management suggests that everyone including God should be a lot more direct in terms of signage. In PM’s experience when you place an obnoxious/ bossy/ insulting instruction in print, the likely hood of people reading and applying it is far higher.  If the sign says “Only people with suicidal tendencies should swim in this water ” or “if you feed the baboon we will be obliged to shoot it you dumb ass”, the crocodiles in St Lucia would go on a forced diet , there would be copious baboons detoxing from MSG and a whole lot of people, and baboons for that matter, would still be breathing!

Photo credit : PM

So when Panga Management came across the above sign at Suikerbossie restaurant  in Hout bay over the weekend it warmed PM’s  cold heart through and through, Finally signage that says what it means! The scones and the view at Suikerbossie are also worth mentioning but the signage took first prize.

Hout bay has plenty of fish and chips restaurants and canons. As you know PM loves things that go Bang and hunk-of-man-fleash (HOMF) has set himself a goal to eat at every noteworthy fish and chip establishment in Cape Town,  so a pleasant afternoon was had by all the Panga people.

Photo credit : PM

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