If the architecture in Cape Town CBD was a cake there would be a slice of lemon meringue saddled next to a serving of apple sponge, followed by carrot cake overwhelmed by Dutch brandy tart, spilling onto the classic chocolate bake, wedged next to a bran muffin wishing it was scones, jam and cream, topped with a sprinkling of sugar that in its postmodern mood was mimicking cinnamon.

Photo credit : Kiki  – Adderley Street

Panga Management is fascinated by architecture almost as much as PM loves a dessert buffet, so what better way to spend a quite Sunday than walking through the streets of Cape Town visually investigating the facades of the buildings. Don’t get me wrong PM is not one of those – just- get –in- the –car- and -drive -travellers, nope! PM is one of those lets plan a few key points along the route and what every happens in between those is all good. With this in mind the walk was hinged around PM fascination with Anton Anreith, a German-born sculptor and woodcarver who arrived in the Cape as a soldier in the Company’s service in 1777. Anreith is widely credited with introducing the German Rococo style to the Cape and being the first (white) sculptor in SA.

Photo credit : Kiki

Some of his works on public display around the CBD are the Lionesses on Government Avenue, reliefs on the facade of the slave lodge in Adderley Street, the facade of the Lutheran Church, located in Strand Street. The pulpit in the Groote Kerk (The oldest church in SA) in Adderley Street, and aspects of De Goede Hoop Temple, South Africa’s oldest Masonic Temple.

(fab image found online – Pulpit)

An adventure is defined by the characters that share it, and PM was most pleased with the bouquet of beauties joining the journey. There was Kiki (PM is glad she has a camera not a gun, because her trigger finger could kick the ass of any Japanese tourist in a dual) there was Fluffy (a man you want on your side if you every embark on a journey of “trivial” or “not so trivial” pursuit) Jiffie (a lady whose family history can be traced back 350 years in the Cape and whose skill with languages can charm crutches from the crippled and last but never least Homf ( the charismatic man-candy whose belief that more is more always adds generosity to a gathering)

Photo credit :Kiki

Photo credit :Kiki

So the Panga people meet at Vida e on Kloof street (under Mooi Kloof) to fill up with coffee -fuel before the walk, and then ambled down the government avenue to the salve lodge, Groote Kerk, Masonic temple on the way to the Lutheran church to end at Prestwich Memorial. Well that was the plan anyway; a well timed downpour caught us while we were refuelling at Vida -e on Green Market square and the second half of our trek collected a rain check (quite literally) for next weekend.

Photo credit :Kiki

(How many times do you think I have to mention Vida e before they offer to donate the Panga Peoples cultural –coffee-fuel?)

PM always feels obliged to give an encyclopaedia of historical fact about each building and detail illustrated on the blog, but that is so boring and tired-making, so if you want to know more than given; Google, or better yet go to the library (you know those buildings disguised as fire hazards- they are called libraries). Most importantly, if you decide to Google for Gwards sake don’t believe everything you read. PM came across a blogger who suggested that after Anton Anreith, Ivan Mitford-Barberton was the next great sculptor in SA, and anyone with eyes can dispute the factual accuracy of that assertion!

Photo credit :Kiki

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