Panga Management loves Tchaikovsky, or maybe we should wear the yoke of accuracy and say PM loves Tchaikovsky’s music. So it was with great enthusiasm and uncharacteristic lateness, that PM was to be found hurtling towards the Cape Town City Hall to watch the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra. The Spring Symphony Season is fab, and if your pockets have found themselves investing in a buffet of adventures you can still indulge in a “cheap ticket”. What your well-earned R60 affords you is a seat facing the conductor, as opposed to the orchestra and a spectacular view of the city halls architecture; built-in 1900-1905 it follows the Italian renaissance style with art nouveau details, so in the end a typical Victorian eclectic style apparently the last of its kind to be built-in SA.

The cheap seats suited PM just fine ,as watching the conductor Owain Arwel Hughes is as mesmerizing as the big Ts 1812. Owain puts his whole body into the birthing like Playa 23 at a Currie Cup final. PM loves Tchaikovsky’s music because it’s big classical, not potpourri sweet elevator classical, but full-bodied pin-up big. Mr T had testicular fortitude! music composed with real canons firing and church bells ringing, need PM say more – conceptual and contextual “sound”.

PM was motivated to attend the military Tattoo at the castle for the novelty of experiencing the 1812 overtures with real canons as opposed to the instrumental facsimile. What PM got was a lot more than was hoped for, and not in a good way. It went on for three hours! You could not leave your seats without upsetting a number of grannies with their knees covered with quilted blankets or flu ridden children in crocs. Bless the militaries cameo socks, but there are only so many Military bands one can watch without taking a breather.

Photo credit: PM

PM went to the Castle early to have a good look at Anton Anreith’s De Kat balcony which FYI looks worse for wear AKA a- fat- women- has- been- wearing- my- x-small pantyhose- worse –for –wear. As twilight fell and we took our seats with great anticipation, the show begun. If you ever wondered what the military gets up to in times of peace go to a military tattoo or alternatively take my word for it; they event drills AKA choreographed people patterns that undoubtedly require discipline and a memory for moves but are a bit straaange as only the military “propaganda dance” can be.

If you have a taste for the bag pipes you will not be disappointed, the performance by the cops on horses was quite remarkable, and if you want to know why De Kat Balcony looks worse for wear, all was made clear when the SA Muzzle loaders society volleyed off a few rounds directly below it during their little moment in the spot light.

Photo credit : PM ( see Anthon Anreiths balcony, and that’s real canon smoke !)

Let’s just say if the 1812 overtures were not at the end of the programme PM might have skipped out a bit early! “What” you proclaim “skip out early and miss the Drum Majorettes, the Celtic dance tapestry, the mock attack examples comparing the 1910 medical  battalion drill with the 2010 medical battalion drill, and the 8 military bands where Mr-General-what’s-his-name and Mrs-lieutenant-what’s – her- name sing Nat King Coles it’s a beautiful world, you would skip that ?” Yes, as interesting as a car accident is, you really should not stare. But let’s get one thing straight, no amount of hideous was going to force PM to leave early and miss out experiencing the 1812 overtures in a castle fortress with real bangs and fresh smoke!

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