If you’re in the Hluhluwe area (the heart of beautiful Zululand) do pop in to the Hluhluwe Spar. Panga Management is always enthralled by the small details that mark difference between big cities and small towns. Nestled next to the Panado and Dettol, PM came across the below. Can you imagine the Spar on Kloof Street, Cape Town selling these with any earnestness? In case you’re wondering PM purchased a whole medicine cupboard of “The Strong One” (It’s way prettier than having a brick under your bed). The question PM wants answered is, how legal is it to sell products that don’t list ingredients on the back? Surely utilising anything that takes the form of “death by neon” is not good to ingest.  As for the libido juice, what’s up with the lion image; isn’t it clear that if you intend to make/skelm lots of money off a rural market you have to choose the right animal to brand your product. Is this not the “apply water and stir” most obvious thing, when it comes to big and hard we all know it’s the rhino and not the lion who is king! Maybe PM should write to “Guide Line Trading” the manufacture of these products, and give them some guidance regards brand management and the power of packaging design .

Photo Credits: PM

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