Panga Management understands why Lesotho is referred to as  heavenly ; A : it is very high up. B: its very hard to get too and C : the taxi drivers who kamikazey down the Sani Pass certainly have a god or two on their sides. The narrow pass road offers no room for error, and the only way up is to ascend into heaven by means of a 4×4 (maybe god drives a Land Cruiser). The road is haggard like a middle-aged trannie, and you find yourself holding your breath round every hairpin corner, like said trannie wearing a corset. Panga Management never ceases to be amazed at how you can feel the “atmosphere” change from one country to the next as you cross a border. The reason for PM’s amazement is promulgated by the fact that borders are man-made, imposed onto the map often callously, by some one far far away. Hence, a border should not define or articulate any special “resonance” deference between countries (outside of course of the practical and in some cases the emotional , depending on ones personal attachment to a place). Now PM is going to the run the risk of sounding like a crusty hippy, channelling an inner dolphin, but its true, countries feel different, and when you cross a border, bang! you can feel it. Panga Management has not, as of the time this was published, conkukted a  theory or reasons to explain the above but when PM does you will be the first to know. Lesotho is beauty and majesty labouring in poverty. This makes for a strange kind of heaven but heavenly it is and the beer (Maluti) is pretty good too.

All Photo’s : Panga Management

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