There is little more amusing/awkward than tourist friendly signage, see below.

Hluhluwe Game Reserve, Photo Credit : PM

Let’s read the above sign together; Stop! it’s a bad idea to cross over this small fence, because on the other side there are a number of very wild animals that will, for their amusement, mess around with your physical being. Of course, the animals would consider it impolite to gate crash your lunch at the Hilltop restaurant, and hence would never cross the very small fence to your side.

St Lucia Wetlands, Photo Credit : PM

Panga Management could not resist taking the above photo. Please note PM is very polite when taking photographs of strangers. Corrie, the biker in the image was more than happy to smile for the camera when PM assured him that PM would explain to all persons viewing this image that Corrie is not a hippo, just a fat man!

Photo Credit : PM

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