The Panga people love-loved exploring the SAS Assegaai S99. We were escorted around the old dame by the Admiral (you might think the comb – over suits no one, but you would be wrong, the Admiral sports the style in the most fetching manner). The SAS Assegaai is one of only three Daphné class submarines ever made, and the only one that has been retained for preservation as a museum boat, the question is, for how long? Currently resting in the cold waters of the Simons Town harbour , the Panga people bordered a ferry that escorted us to her side where we were welcomed aboard by our guide. The Admiral took pains to explain that he is not longer an Admiral as retirement made  him just a  Mr. but as far as Panga Management is concerned ,once an Admiral always an Admiral.  PM loved the smell of the engine room and the ironic touches of “decor” in an otherwise sophisticated and utilitarian feat of engineering AKA if it has no function – fuck it. As a visitor you get to sit on the bunks in the Aft Mess, explore the propulsion compartments, check-out the periscopes and torpedo tubes. Not just that, you get to do it with somebody who has gone there and done that in a professional capacity. The volunteer’s that guide you around the submarine offer you firsthand accounts of how it works and what it’s like to be a million miles under the water (Okay PM is exaggerating regards the one million mile figure but you get the picture, or do you? Until you have been inside a sub PM does not believe you do). Seven days a week from 10h00 on the hour you can catch a ferry and explore the Sub, the experience is a lot of torpedo bang for your buck and all the funds go to saving this amazing naval museum from the scrap yard. Panga Management categorically states that if you put off this experience you will be missing out. If PM is not mistaken the Admiral and his team need to collect two million South Africa Rondt to save the SAS Assegaai from becoming Checkers metal knives and forks . So do it, and afterwards buy a magnet, book ,cap and a badge! Call The Boat Company 021- 7862136 for furthur info.

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