Today panga people, Panga Management is sharing thoughts on the promenade in Seapoint. PM spends a fair amount of time there, PM is on a mission to change a chunky cottage cheese ass, into a smooth cottage cheese ass, and that means walking, a lot.

Photo Credit: PM

There are a number of fascinating things that can be viewed when walking on the promenade. PM’s personal favourite would be the old dames who at the ripened and soured age of 80, still have the good grace to wear matchy- matchy crimplene suits, accessoriesed with a blue rinse, bright red lipstiffy, fiffy dog and pearls when they stroll along the Atlantic seaboard.

The above is an excellent example of the “type”referred to . Photo Credit click here

PM has an overwhelming urge to grab these little old ladies and hug them silly!  PM does realise that this would be ill-advised, imagine the blue rinse brigade settings their pack of fiffy dogs on PM no doubt resulting in a Jackson Pollock of pearls, fur and blood. Not so pretty. Hence PM has decided to play it safe and wear red lipstick, as a suitably discreet act of old lady appreciation when next PM walks the promenade. When it comes to glam im sure you will agree, more is more and red lipstick is the most.

Photo Credit : PM

If any of you frequent the promenade you would have noticed the dragonfly/ girl sculptures by Marieke Prinsloo-Rowe. PM should tread carefully here, as there are nuances to PM’s opinion that should not be glazed over by the reader, but diplomacy is so 1990, hence PM is going to jump right in and say it; at best the girlfly sculptures are twee at worst they are hidddddyassly bad .

Here’s where the big but comes to bear (bare butt, maybe those two words should not be used in the same sentence when discussing the promenade, unless one is referring to butt baring very specifically). Anyway the big but is… the public clearly loves the girlfly sculptures ( this assertion is based on the publics distress when an Atlantic wave of good taste jumped the sea wall and damaged it) anyway the point PM is trying to make is that sculptures in public places should be loved/accessible to the people who frequent those areas. Don’t get PM wrong, PM is not suggesting that artists dumb down their sculptures for general public pleasure, PM is stating that artists should up their game so that the public sculpture can be respected by both the art savy and general public.

One more note on the girlfly, PM has found the girlfly sculptures to be very useful markers when walking the promenade. PM says to friends “let’s meet by the squatting girl” and everyone knows what that means. So regardless of the fact that for all intensive purposes the girlfy is not a particular strong artwork, PM has defiantly absorbed it into PM’s negotiation of the promenade in a productive way.

Photo Credit : PM

You cannot talk about the Promenade and public sculptures in CT without mentioning Counsellor JP Smith. PM loves JP’s can do, will do, and will do it now energy AKA fascism. PM will take action (wrong or right) any day, over no action every day.

Why does Cape Town have so little public sculpture?  Well that might have something to do with the city’s lack of a Public Sculpture Policy. I shit you not, after so many years the bureaucrats still have not ironed that out. (I suppose nobody gets re-elected because of a public sculpture policy)

Note to readers: don’t even consider trying to argue that “money for toilets before money for sculpture” blah, not only is it a reductive argument, its evidence of extreme stupidity and stupidity is ugly. The city of Cape Town does not have to find budget for public sculptures, they just have to write a few rules, the first one being; 2% of any new building budget must be spent on public sculpture/ the visual arts, Ta… Da! Then a body of people with experience in the visual arts and public sculpture, must advise and review potential artworks and make suggestions to the city and property developers, Ta….. Da! (Good choices regarding the visual arts should never be left up to politicians or property developers to implement, Panga Management does not believe in setting people up to fail)

Back to JP, Panga Management does not advise that JP be encouraged  to choose the sculptures himself but PM thinks JP should be thanked and encouraged when he places  his can do, will do, and will do it now energy AKA fascism behind the need for a public sculpture policy, you heard PM, JP deserves a big gold star!

Photo Credit : PM

PM could not resist sharing the above photo with you all !  this Voortrekker wagon is part of the kiddies play area on the promenade. Propaganda at its best is insidious, and this Jungle gym certainly fits the bill. Come on artists, does PM have to spell it out, the above is just aching to be deconstructed and reconstituted with some whimsy and wit. JP please can you arrange a public sculpture competition to tackle the above, if you do PM will love you forever.

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