Panga Management felt like Alice in wonderland falling down the rabbit/man-hole over the weekend. The Panga People were guided by Figure of Eight on an awesome exploration of the storm water tunnels that run below Cape Town’s CBD.  Figure of Eight you rock!  The tunnel structure changes as it gets older, modern cylindrical prefab concrete tunnel becomes red brickwork tunnel dating from the 1800’s, the oldest section just before you get to the Castle, is lined with black slate and dates back to Van Riebeeck and the building of the Castle in the 1700’s.

Photo Credit : PM

The tunnel guides the spring water from  Table Mountain underneath the city streets by way of the Castle to the sea. Panga Management loved the walk and recommends it to anyone with the heart of an explorer. PM also cradles a fanatical love for gumboots, and will jump at any opportunity to wear them, agghh wellies, PM loves you.

Photo Credit : PM

Before PM gets carried away and writes a poem about true love and gumboots, there is something Panga Management needs to vent. The tunnel walk drew PM’s attention to something PM hates; Waste – with a capital W. Would we allow a burst pipe to gush water down the drain day in and day out for years? No we most certainly would not, but this is precisely what’s happening with the fresh water coming from the Table Mountain springs.  PM is big into name and shame and somebody needs to be shamed for this. There is enough fresh water coming free from the mountain to quench Cape Town’s thirst. Is it being pissed away? No, cause that would be a good thing! it’s being flushed away! Because why? Cause The City of Cape Town or the WC provincial government or some dumb ass has not come up with a plan to utilise it, and BTW, bottling it and selling it as designer spring water might be a very Capetoonen thing to do, but that is not a plan. A plan is structuring the systems so that this water is available for domestic use in Cape Town house holds. Feel free to name and shame in the comment section if any of you know why this plan making process is constipated. Wasting water is not an option in this day and age. For fuck sake does PM have to swear to make this point clear! All things considered, the theme song for the tunnel adventure has to be the “The Welly Boot” Song by Billy Connolly. What! you don’t know the welly song! Okay here goes, PM will sing it for you in PM’s best Scottish accent…..

If it wasna for your wellies where would you be?

You’d be in the hospital or infirmary,

Cause you would have a dose of the flu or even pluracy,

If you didna have your feet in your wellies!

Wellies they are wonderful, oh wellies they are swell,

Cause they keep oot the water, an’ they keep in the smell,

An’ when yer sittin in a room, you can always tell,

When some bugger takes off his wellies.

Now the local politicians they havna made a hit,

They’re ruining this poor country, mair than just a bit,

If they don’t get it right, we’ll all be in the shit,

So you’d be’er ge(t) your feet in your wellies.

There is a lot more of this song, but PM’s beautiful singing voice does not translate well into text, so that’s all you getting, click here for the rest.

Photo Credit : PM (don’t you just love Robs yellow wellies!)

Photo Credit : PM ( No one can deny the coolness of gumboots, who ever you are dude, you look great! Panga Managment believes this image should be on the The Sartorialist blog. )

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