Goddamn Panga Management hates blasphemy, every time Panga Management hears somebody exclaim “OH MY PM” or “PM, MARY AND JOSEPH” Panga Management is obliged ( that’s the burden of being godly) to drop what PM is doing and re focus attention on what PM can only assume is a plea for assistance. It’s very inconvenient really, especially since most of the time it’s a call in vain as PM would not lend assistance to the stupid, no matter how many times they said PM’s name out loud with a mouth full of tears.  The only thing more annoying is when PM is crafting the newest-of–new–get-it-now-while-stocks-last-testament and PM is jusssst getting ready to snare that elusive word, the one that will be the crown of thorns on a masterpiece of rhetoric, and then the door bell rings… “For god’s sake, for my sake, WTF and what do you want?” PM is forced to retaliate into the intercom.  Another thing that PM finds rather burdensome is when PM is miss-quoted in the press. See image below. Now, PM might have considered military force as an option but PM did not say it out loud, and that prime minister fella should not attempt to impersonate PM, as PM has much better taste and would never be caught dead in those dowdy suits and flaccid ties, hence nobody would believe that the prime minister, is in fact , the real PM.

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