Panga Management loves The Old Town House, erected over the period 1755-1761, in the centre of old Cape Town. When viewed today its Rococo architecture, is folded in between the wrappings of contemporary Cape Town like a vintage wedding cake on a buffet of fast food. The Old Town House is home to the Michaelis collection, one of the most renowned collections of artworks by the 16th- 18th century Dutch and Flemish masters. The OTH is a quiet and transporting space , protected from the frustrated screachs of traffic and industry. It offers the paintings space to spar with the viewer, serving up visual klaps with a fist full of painting mastery fives. (Note to readers: PM is referring to the old masters here, not the other hideous that has been known to hang on the Old Town House walls from time to time) The icing on top of any outing to the OTH is undoubtedly the grannies who ride their vintage Versace like it was a favourite in the Durban July.  These beacons of beauty (the painting and the ladies) prove that elegance, poise, craft and style are never tarnished by the ages. If you want to read more about the Old Town House and the Michaelis collection you can click here. The Iziko website may be visual vulgar,  but the branding does accurately reflect the Iziko animal ( a bureaucratic umbrella body which spends most of it time focusing on its own bureaucratic processes, and less time focusing on why it’s there in the first place; its collections) So high-five to the design company, love your work! (Ugly but accurate / sad but true)

Photo Credit : PM ( Lovely birds in the Old Town House)

Photo Credit : Here ( Before )

Photo Credit : Here (After )

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