Being confronted the other day with the vulgarity of the Iziko website design, Panga Management has felt compelled  to review all of the “Iziko museums of excellence”  marketing material. PM is sorry to report that there is just no diplomatic way of communicating how kuk it is. Though there have been wonderful programs hosted by the SANG to facilitate a gallery experience for the blind,  Iziko museums have collections of objects/ artworks/ artefacts/ specimens that people come to SEE.  Therefore the question has to be asked; how can an institution that largely exists because of the sense of sight allow such visually heinous, hideous and downright confusion signage?  Panga Management is official stumped by the bizarreness of Iziko’s marketing/branding choices.  See below for an iconic example plastered onto the SANG facade. Like PM said in the last post- Iziko does like to brand/ punt itself far more than it likes to draw attention to its collections, but still, who would make a poster like the below when there are hundreds of beautiful and enticing works in the SANG collection, works that would draw visitors into the gallery? This conceptually unhinged and visually constipated poster is not going to make people “see things differently” all it does is enforce more of the same, confirming that Iziko spends way too much money on third-rate marketing at the expense of its collections (its primary reason for being).  Somebody get Iziko’s marketing team a cane and a golden retriever cause they are definitely visually impaired.

Photo Credit : PM ( Detail from the Facade of the Iziko SANG)

Photo Credit : Here South African National Gallery

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