PM is a total pirate always looking for treasure, so it goes without saying that PM love-loves junk/antique/charity shops and it was with overwhelming glee that Panga Management stumbled upon Fanny by Gaslight at a little church charity shop . When PM proudly presented PM’s find to the man who takes the monies, PM could see by the twinkle in his eye that perhaps he too might enjoy Fanny by Gaslight, however he and PM were certainly not on the same page. You see, Fanny by Gaslight is a novel by Michael Sadleir published in 1940 and PM purchased it for the out of context humour value. While the little old man was old enough to remember what gaslight was really like…. if you get PM’s drift…gross- dirty- old -man -gross! Reading anything out of the context of its time offers an inaccurate and projected understanding of the intention of the author . PM has observed this happening  a lot , and not in a good way; judgement with contemporary sensibilities, clutching the fashionable opinions of the day, hails down like a JHB thunderstorm on people/actions and situations long past. The subject of the focus is either found to be pond scum or exalted as evidence of some second coming. PM finds this as dumb as PM finds amusing reading something out of context and embracing the irony. However the real twist to this Fanny by Gaslight story, besides the name having different connotations when it was written and now ( Fanny was a perfectly common and pleasant name back in the day) is that the book is about prostitution in the Victorian era , what else could fanny by gaslight be about! Anyway when PM opened the cover in the context of the church charity shop and was faced with the text “in praise of fanny” PM could not censor the giggles .PM has photographed the front and inside of the book cover for you, cause sharing is caring. Oh and another thing, it is actually a very good book and well worth a read and incase you were wondering Fanny the heroine was not a lady of the night .

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