Something has been annoying Panga Management worse than a hyper active child on aeroplane. PM does not wish this lesson in manners to take the focus away from the big role players involved in the 54 Venice Biennale , South African pavilion ,corruption saga (DAC, NAC, Monna and his tame curator) as they are the ones that need to be held accountable to the whole arts community and the country. (PM feels the artists have been placed in a very unfair position and hence has not wished to see them grounded and pounded ). However, that being said a lesson in manners is seriously required ,and Panga Management is going to serve it up with fries.

Kathryn Jacobs quoted Lyndi Sales in the Artthrob news story about the Venice Biennale saga click here, “Sales said that she did not want to get involved in the politics of the exhibition.’It’s the opportunity of a lifetime,’ she added.”

WTF, this statement is callous, and shows such a lack of self awareness PM feels a moral obligation to spell something out for Lyndi Sales. The reason that PM and many others started asking questions about the VB situation was because you were selected (harsh but true). Lyndi Sales selected for Venice? Something is wrong with the composition of this picture, shouted PM’s common sense. One of the reasons that PM did not spell this out in the first post, ( with PM’s normal wit and bluntness)  is because PM gave everyone involved the benefit of the doubt; hoping that when this corruption/ lack of transparency came to light, everyone would do some version of the right thing. Don’t get PM wrong, PM’s is not saying the right thing is to pull out, the right thing is to own the circumstances you find yourself in with a bit of self awareness / grace and respect for the arts community that you are part off. And Lyndi you failed as mediocrity so often does.

Saying that you do not want to get involved in the politics of the exhibition is very ironic, as the only reason you are on the exhibition is because of the corruption. Saying you don’t want to talk about it is like saying, “let’s not talk about the fact that our neighbour is molesting his children, cause if we talk about it maybe he will stop braaing for us on the weekend”. It’s like saying “look at the huge diamond on my finger! I don’t care that it’s a blood diamond and people were murdered for it, cause if it was not a blood diamond, I would never have been able to afford the carats, and then what would I have to boast about”. Its like saying “hey everyone look at me I have just been afforded the opportunity of a life time because people lied cheated and stole it for me!” It’s enjoying your stolen TV without caring who got harmed in the theft.

For gwards sake Lyndi, have the good grace to make no comment rather than insult the arts community by looking the other way.  Initially PM felt compassion for you; what I kuk dilemma Lyndi finds herself with, PM thought, she has to know she did not get selected via merit, shame PM thought. But PM does not feel sorry for you anymore. PM is quite horrified by your rudeness. Looking the other way and not acknowledging the corruption/lack of transparency won’t make the fact you benefited from it go away. PM no longer feels sorry for you and hence does not care if the bluntness of PM’s tone hurts your feelings. Hence PM is offering you this lesson in manners and self awareness. Here is even a cut and paste example of good practise for you, (this is the very least you should have said)…. Drum Roll…..

“This alleged corruption is very fucked up and I’m hurt and disappointed that the other artists and myself selected for this event, that should be a career highlight, is now tarnished by foul play. This reflects very badly on us all and I’m very angry that the Department of Arts and Culture, The NAC and Monna Mokoena have placed us all in the position whereby we have to question our reasons for inclusion. I will however do my best to put on a great exhibition and make the South Africa arts community proud.”

Self awarness Lyndi S-E-L-F-A-W-A-R-E-N-E-S-S.

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