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Okay so Osama is dead and “they” killed him or at least that’s what “they” say. Panga Management does not what to delve into the discrepancies reported in various newspaper/ news sources about how, and who said what, and that kinda yada- yada get some ching – ching back from your insurance company kuk. PM is also not interested in the – he did this, and he represented that and so such and such is justified.

Panga Management is taking issue with one thing which PM views as an idiotic and sacrilegious act; the dudes “burial” at sea. If you have read PM postings regularly you would be a muppet not to have gathered that PM does not give high- fives to religion or the religious (whether it be the religion of branding and money or the religion of “this is how you get to heaven”) PM believes the religious are to be tolerated but not trusted until proven worthy. Regardless of that, Panga Management does not condone rudeness, and dumping a dude’s body in the sea when it goes against every principle in his religion/cultures belief system is plain old-fashioned rude. PM gets the strategies of war and propaganda, and yes the guys burial site would have become a shrine, but so what! A shrine is not going to suddenly create religious fanatics who want to suicide bomb everyone to ashes. You know what creates religious fanatics, is when “the other” acts with not even the most basic respect towards their enemy.

This “burial” will not just offend al-Qaeda, it will offend the Muslim nation, and even worse than that, it offends PM, so fuck you! Don’t go whining when suddenly a whole bunch of religious fanatics are born, you watered them with your arrogance and now they will grow. Panga Management might not do religion but Panga Management respects the fundamental rituals of life; birth and death being the biggies. Since it seems that a fair amount of people are dumb, PM is going to spell something out. When you treat your enemy with such rudeness, such barbaric disrespect, you might as well pin a sign to your forehead that says “I’M A BARBARIAN NOT WORTHY OF RESPECT”.

If you don’t treasure and respect the rituals of life (even if they are not your own) how can you honestly expect others to respect you and yours? But wait; there is a dressing to sprinkle on this salad of disrespect …… Your code name for the guy is “Geronimo” who came up with that insult? Hell yeah, they must have thought; lets show the “natives” how the game Cowboys and Indians gets played in the 21st century. It’s official you guys are many sandwiches short of a picnic. PM hopes you like blood for breakfast cause I’m sure it on the menu.

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