Panga Management is currently fascinated with Perceptual Vigilance. Perceptual Vigilance is the psychological term for seeing signs everywhere; signs that reinforce something you have been thinking about, or that relate to your current situation. It’s also called Perceptual Sensitivity , but PM  prefers the sound of Perceptual Vigilance. PV burns with  certainity, it smells like revolution and tastes like  dark Lindt chocolate with sea salt . Perceptual sensitivity looks like amethyst, tastes like green tea, and sounds like crusty dreadlocks reading tarot cards, and thats way too 90’s Grunge/aesthetically challenged for PM. The opposite of PV is Perceptual Defense and you will be pleased to know that Panga Management has mastered that art too. Yes its true, PM spends much of the day filtering out issues of low priority otherwise known as the hilda/heinous/ hideou(as)s AKA the ugly and the stupid. PM has got so good at it, that sometimes PM does not respond to a situation with any frontal lobe action,  only to realises much latter, when the subconscious comes knocking, that some form of hideous was requiring PM’s attention. PM sees signs everywhere, all the time, but the question is, what do those signs mean?

Photo Credit: PM

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  1. Enjigu says:

    It is very good ideas that means.

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