PM hates Cape town drivers, yes you inconsiderate , stupid mother fuckers that think driving up one ways the wrong way, and driving through stop streets without stopping is okay , fuckity-fuck you! As for you Cape Town parkers, PM would not trust you mother fuckers to park trolleys considerately.

There is a particular street in Cape Town called Kloof Nek (you know the street where you almost have an accident every time you travel it? the one where that unfortunate coffee shop called the Power and the Glory is perched? Well this is the best place to view vacuumed packed stupidity and blatant rudeness when it come to parking, and of course the best place to view spray on cool when it comes to young people with myopic world views; yup I thought you would know it). So listen hear you Cape Town drivers/ parkers AKA idiotic twats. Cape Town has stupid-silly-thin roads right? Right! That means if you park on the red lines while you go scoff your overpriced hot dog at the P and G, you make the anorexic-double-lane road, into a famine–victim-skinny-limb of a street. This results in nobody being able to get up or down. When you do this parking on a blind corner you force all traffic going down to blindly contemplate head on collisions with all oncoming traffic coming up .

Panga Management has decided that enough is enough, and since the Cape Town metro police have problems working after 5pm and hence no tickets or towing takes place, PM is going to revert to the tried, tested and found effective, community recourse AKA PM will be plastering love notes on those bad parkers back side windows .The love note will say……

isnt that pretty ! Panga People feel free to print the above, and dress all offending cars like Christmas trees, and hopefully their drivers will no longer park in dangerous, inconsiderate or rude ways.

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