Why is everyone so uptight about Colonel Gaddafi brutalised and bloody image been shown in the press? For Gwards sake people, maybe you need to unpack your biases a little and grow some visual literacy.

Do these uptight individuals have a problem with images of massacred victims’ bodies being published in the press? Nameless victims grace the covers of Time magazine and newspapers across the world ever day, nameless victims of abuse, genocide and famine. Do these same individuals through their Blackberrys /IPhones out the cot? No! But publish images of one blood smeared tyrant and the liberals drop their lattes!  PM can’t work out which is the more fucked up, the liberal or the conservative. Quite frankly, liberals and conservatives are the same as far as PM is concerned. Here’s a quick lesson in visual literacy for these reactionary and uptight commentators.

Colonel Gaddafi’s airbrushed image was placed by himself throughout Libya (every public building, every communal square). Colonel Gaddafi used his well photoshopped image as propaganda, and created an icon out of his face, an icon not of flesh and blood an icon that represented his political and economic power, and hence his image was a symbol of oppression to those who opposed him. His face stopped being the image of a man a very long time ago, his face though his own doing became a symbol, an idea. Hence it’s understandable, and in some ways required, that images of his brutalised bloody face are seen by everyone. They show the destruction of a symbol, the show consequences of certain practises, they make an icon with a god complex, back into a man. As far as PM is concerned, what’s good for the nameless victim, is good for the well-known tyrant. Consistence in terms of reaction, shows a well thought out perspective and these uptight liberals only knee jerk, they don’t seem to think.  Bring on the reality!

Photo Credit Here.

Photo Credit Here.

Nahla Al-Ageli said it really well, “Gaddafi was a symbol, a negative symbol, and people associated Libya with his ugly face. I’ve come here to celebrate, this really is a moment in history,” he said.

Photo Credit Here.

Photo Credit Here.

So stop being so spine less, war is bloody, people die, and when people die they bleed, there are consequences to actions, and these need to be available for viewing, if they upset you, don’t look, that’s understandable too. These individuals reactionary responses are as ludicrous as Colonel Gaddafi’s lawyer suing for copyright infringement, because the brand that is Colonial Gaddafi face has been tarnished! Grow up!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    though gaddafi might be a tyrant but i is just a matter of time for libyan’s to know what exactly is the interest of the west e.g. american & the so-called united nation in post gaddafi libya.

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