Panga Management has been following the Sea Point promenade “winged -squatting- girl ” hullaballoo with amusement. Click here.

PM agrees that the sculptures in question are (at best) twee, the process that lead to their (and all the local paedophiles) erection (s) is not great. PM also agrees that until there is a public sculpture policy, the art community will have every justifiable reason to off load text-based ammunition at any of these “erections”. There is still one thing that can’t be denied….. “them- the public “ love the squatting girl-fly , and let’s be honest it could get a whole lot worse after what Mr JP Smith has been quoted as saying .

‘ANY and ALL artists who would be interested’ can display their work publicly, ‘as long as it does not cost the City anything and they undertake their own maintenance’. JP SMITH

PM takes this to mean that if the person who made the Koeksister monument in Orania, wanted to make another yellow (eaten too much cheese) turd sculpture, and then placed it on the promenade – that would be okay?

Photo Credit Here ( and yes that is really ment to be a koeksister)

Or if some amateur wanted to build a 10 meter high giraffe ( the American tourists would love it) with no consideration given to a secure base- that would be okay to…. and when it gets blown over , killing a hand full of Sea point grannies (undoubtedly admiring the Prinsloo sculpture)- that would all be above-board?

Wait! Wait! PM has another example!

So it would be okay if an artist makes a sculpture that says “the Stormers can suck my rugby balls” – surely that would also be okay?

(PM is a sharks supporter so would be most pleased to see that sculpture on the promenade, and let’s be honest, most of the local tourists/ public would love it even more than the squatting girl fly sculpture- high-five for appealing to the “public”)

So all the above examples would be okay ‘as long as it does not cost the City anything and they undertake their own maintenance’.

JP -Smith –mysweeeet , Panga Management likes you and has said us much in a previous post , PM also thinks you where trying to do a nice thing with the Prinsloo sculptures, but you have kinda backed yourself into a corner here, so PM would strongly suggest that you do two things.

Firstly tell the DA to get of its lazy ass and do something constructive for visual culture in Cape Town – like a public sculpture policy (PM gives you poetic license to communicate the above diplomatically). Come on Helen … Is it not the height of problematic that Cape Town wins world design capital for 2012 and we still don’t have a public sculpture policy? SIES Helen SIES!

And secondly JP, it’s not constructive to suggest that those who criticise your decisions are mentally unhinged (it makes you appear twattish), following on from this point, the art community is well versed when it comes to “Visual Literacy” (Strange but true) and you…. maybe not so much. PM will give you ten out of ten for effort but best that you defer to VANSA WC about this sought of “arty” stuff. Everyone wants the same thing here! Great public sculpture- so let’s all work together on this one! Okay? Good!

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