What! you have not heard! that does not surprise Panga Management.

Panga Management finds it fuck- off frustrating having to do this research the hard way. Why oh why, can’t the Minster of arts and culture ( that would be you Mr Paul Mashatile) just send out a press release? The hard way entails, PM having to read the bureaucratic/ governmental/ strategic planning reports.  PM has to hunt these down online like a refugee searching for a sandwich on Long St. PM would much prefer the direct approach which would go a bit like this…. … “Mr Minister of arts and culture, is South Africa participating in the VB in 2013?” Then when Mr Minster suggests that he will apply his mind to the outcomes required in line with the governmental…..blah- blah- bubble- gum. PM would give him a sobering flick on the forehead and demand a yes, or a no answer.

Anyway the hard way does work, and the  answer to the question Panga People is yes, as confirmed on page 40 of the 2011-2016 strategic report found here.  South Africa will be participating on the 55th and 56th Venice Arts Biennale.

While Mr Blackman valiantly tries to find answers regarding the kuk-up that was the VB 2011. Click here . PM wants to know what is happening in 2013. The strategic report says that 2012 will be used for “assessment and preparation” for the Venice Arts Biennale that will take place in 2013. This falls under the “measurable objectives for 2011-2016: sub programme: International cooperation: Special agreements and Pols.” (What does Pols stand for? well your guess is as good as PM’s, maybe it stands for Principle of Least Surprise)

PM hopes this “assessment and preparation” means that in January 2012, a transparent open call will go out for curatorial proposals, and a board of established, visual arts experts, with experience in international exhibitions, will sit to review these proposals. PM hopes this means that by March 2012, confirmation of the selected curatorial proposal will be announced, and the curator/project managers and artists involved will have the rest of the year to prepare.

PM really hopes it does not follow the same route of the Cop 17 “visual arts programmes” that were committed to, budgeted for, and that is as far as it went…until suddenly two weeks before the opening of Cop 17, when people were quickly hired to make these projects happen. Yes Mr Minister, PM is watching you, and yes Mr Minster, PM thinks you have a nice smile, but that is not going to save your face if the VB gets screwed up again through mismanagement and cronyism.

Panga Management does not, for one second, doubt that every ambitious slim ball, mediocre mind and strategic gallerist will not try to  jump onto the VB 2013 band wagon, (PM is watching you too by the way), but PM hopes Mr Minster, you will see them coming this time, and have set up transparent systems to insure the best exhibition South Africa could produce, goes to the Venice Biennale 2013 and 2015.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    dear pm, my twitter account is dead, what is this about myer taub?

  2. PM is also looking for answers.

  3. Sister Bench says:

    Sister warns against the VANSA.

    • Darling Sister Bench, VANSA has a great constitution and mandate, if you don’t like how VANSA is applying its mandate, all you need to do is go to the boring AGM’s and vote on people you feel will serve the mandate best, and vote off the mediocre minds you feel are giving VANSA a smelly name. How VANSA is steered is up to you, PM is not suggesting you are apathetic but apathy does make your ass look fat.

  4. Sister Bench says:

    PANGA is cross. PANGA wields its weapon. Sister thinks PANGA is a VANSA.
    Sister wonders if the VANSA stands by its “great constitution and mandate” why did the VANSA not fulfill its lofty principles expressed below over the Venice sleaze.
    4.5. to promote transparency, accountability and sound financial and organizational management within the arts and culture sector, particularly among conduits and recipients of public, international and private sector funds; to investigate, or cause to be investigated allegations of corruption, misappropriation or mismanagement of funds and resources, and to take appropriate action where necessary.
    My dearest PANGA, it did not “investigate allegations of corruption, misappropriation or mismanagement”, it supported it. It turned a blind eye.
    Sister’s vows prevent her from casting a ballot. Sister will pray for you. Her frugal diet ensures her slightness of frame.
    May the Lord bless you and keep you and show mercy upon you.

    • Sister Bench you made PM laugh out loud! PM appreciates your wit, so fear not, PM is not cross. It’s a great pity that your vows stop you from casting a ballot, you only earn the right to moan when you contribute. PM does not have the spare patience required to serve on committees, PM believes all committee type meetings should happen standing up to minimise the blah- blah- of- committee- thoughts- and -feelings -blah-blah, PM is far to glamorously dictatorial for committees. Hence PANGA is not a VANSA but PM will cast a ballot and PM will moan. Sister Bench my Sweet, don’t forget that no matter how slight your frame, bloat is caused by the build up of hot-air and PM would hate to see you rolling around in pain like bacon in a pan! Best to refrain with hot air type rhetoric, don’t you think? Have you considered channelling Mother Teresa? Cause maybe she would have no objections to casting a ballot, after all she is dead and vows don’t have a hold on the departed. XPM

  5. Sister Bench says:

    Sister Bench sympathizes with PM tension, as does Father Geronimo. Sister and Father both lovers of all that is beautiful that the Lord made are keepers of art. Sister may be cloistered but is also the keeper of pigs. Her bacon is sought after.
    She became the keeper of pigs after Father Geronimo with all his love disembalmed her. Her gratitude after resurrection is boundless. Her swine are portly, some say bloated, but that is unkind and not true. They are happy in Jesus, swaddled in fine wove from Sisters loom.
    PM uses a term Sister is unfamiliar with. It is, blah-blah. It reminds her of sheep blabber. Does PM keep sheep?

    • Hi there good Sister, PM does not keep sheep; PM like Sister is rather fond of pigs. That being said, committees could be described as farmyards and in farmyards you do come across sheep. So your understanding, though generous in it lack of succinctness is rather spot-on.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What ever the hoo ha is about, the S.A. participation in the 2011 V.B should be taken as a major step forward, our artists did us proud, the venue was stunning, and the general comments at the exhibit site by visitors from all over the world were only positive.

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