Now Panga people, PM is obviously out of PM’s depth when it comes to fashion though PM does have a very cultivated style.  PM always feels best dressed when PM is wearing two- tone Khaki shirts and ankle Caterpillar boots (ensemble example below) , even though people stare at PM at gallery exhibition openings….. PM can’t find anything more suitable to express PM’s personality ( not really but PM thinks it would be really cool if it was true)……… so Panga Management has decided it has become necessary to broaden PM’s horizon and ask Skattie’s thoughts and feelings on style and fashion . Click here for the fabulous Mali’s AKA SKATTIE WHAT ARE YOU WEARING’s blog.

exhibit A (PM’s day-to-day ensemble, you see people laugh at us, ever time PM sees someone in a two -tone shirt PM wants to give them the biggest hug, they look so noof-noof-cute! That being said not everyone who wears two-tone shirts is  open to hugs from stranger-dangers. ) Photo credit here :

PM: Darling Skattie, Panga Management is a big Skattie fan. Don’t get PM wrong PM does not like half of the outfits Skattie likes, and Panga Management can often be overheard saying “Skattie what ARE you wearing ?!?!?” when PM browses the images on your blog. That being said PM thinks Skattie is fabulous and thoroughly enjoys the way Skattie expresses himself and the aesthetics Skattie finds on his adventures. PM however has some questions….. Let’s make this an interview come chat? …. Something lighter but just as informative as PM recent posts!

PM: Can you articulate the main differences between JHB and CT street style ensembles?

Skattie: I did an interview about a month and a bit ago where I was asked a similar question. In that interview I said that I thought that JHB was much more about showing off designer labels and price, whereas Cape Town was more about showing direct engagement with directional trends. Whether they are expensive or not. I said a whole lot more, but that was the gist of it. I’ve since re-thought that view. I think I may have been short-sighted. I’ve since revisited Joburg for a couple of functions, and I am finding incredibly directional style in Jozi, from kids who are sort of really not about showing off their financial status in what they wear. They rather put their looks together in a way that shows a keen understanding of directional trends. So I’m finding less and less of a difference between Jozi and Cape Town crowds. Of course all of the above is directly related to fashion and style driven subculture kids. If one were to look at the masses then I’d say Jozi is still much more smarter, and status driven in its dress code, whereas Cape Town still maintains its laid back, but still trendy street style. Interestingly enough I think on the whole it’s not that the one city dresses more or less expensively than the other, it’s just that the final look is put together to convey a more expensive look in Jozi than in Cape Town.

PM: For example you could say, the people in Stellenbosch dress in those expensive items thrown together to look easygoing kinda way, compared to the/ gentrified Woodstock, if it is second-hand and looks tatty we will through it together, call it vintage and pay for it with our dads gold card, then add very expensive red lipstick, kinda way.

Skattie: So true that, I have quite a few late adopter friends from Stellenbosch type LSM groups, who dress in a way that says vintage, but none of it is from actual vintage shops. It’s all designer.

PM: Skattie does street style actually exist anymore in the traditional sense? Cause it seems to PM that street style and street style blogs inform the ramp style now more than the other way round.

Skattie: I must say I still struggle a bit when it comes to understanding the influence of street style blogs on ramps. Yes I know for that when it comes to department stores street style blogs are an influence. I’ve also lost my understanding of what street style is. There is a bigger awareness nowadays that one might be photographed, so surely it must affect what one does in the morning when putting together an outfit. However I still think ultimately the ramps are a massive influence on what eventually becomes street style. More so that street style is influencing the ramps.

PM: What’s up with people just wearing things even when the don’t suit their body types? PM does not want to come across like Trinny and Susannah… but really, how can certain things actually look good?

Skattie: Hehehe…thing is not everybody is into fashion and a whole lot of people really do not have a good concept of proportions and how their bodies come across in clothes. In fact I know a lot of people who have very successful fashion careers and yet day after day they put on horrific ensembles that make you cringe, but they can put together an outfit for you that makes you look amazing. I’ve also had to be told by close friends to ‘maybe not wear that’. It’s a funny thing the mirror, you twist yourself around in front of it, you suck ur stomach in until you find the best possible angle for ur outfit, as if everyone is gonna look at you from only that angle.

PM: Call PM a purist, but when PM was younger personal style was a major signifier of what music one listened to , is it still like that or has style in the download generation become what every we can through together. In the 90’s people saved up to collect that one album that added to their self defining collection and they dressed accordingly…… Is Skattie picking up what PM is putting down?

Skattie: Oh no things have definitely changed. In the download generation Pop won and managed to present itself as ironic. Even iPods with the most obscure music selection have a couple of top ten albums deep in there. David Tibet’s Current 93, sits side by side with Fergie’s Fergaliscious. And if u r of easygoing ethics and you know ur way around a torrent client, then you don’t really need to invest hard cash in ur musical tastes. So really unless you’re still strictly someone who is about one music genre (in this time and age? Sies), then ur personal style does not necessarily have to be so one-dimensional. In this age of artists and musicians, who become actors, and then become designers and then names on perfume bottles, everyone has to be super diverse, and that comes through in their style. I could be talking pure shit, but for now I believe it.

PM: Obviously there is a difference between style and fashion but can Skattie advise what that is in 2011?

Skattie: Fashion is still fashion, it is still there. Certain items are still key for every season. For example, chinos with pleats and narrow legs have been hot all year and have been on the legs of most stylista types. Never mind that these are the same people who will always tell you that they don’t follow trends. Really now? How exactly do they think those chinos make it to the shop floor? It’s because people who keep up with trends know that this will be the next thing, and make sure to stock their shop floors with the right items, so that little Miss Stylista who doesn’t follow trends can find it. Style I think is more about understanding how to use what is available out there, in a way that is in tune with you, your body and your personality, and somehow presents you in the best possible light aesthetically. And I think quite often that is best achieved with a certain knowledge of fashion trends whether one would like to admit it or not.

PM: Thank you Skattie you are the bomb! PM thinks it would be super fun for Skattie and PM to start a reality show “A Style by Panga” kinda thing, where we could facilitate art and public personalities finding the style that best makes them shine( the way they want to shine). Our first personality might have to be Mr Mugabe cause somebody needs to tell him that if he does not want to ‘look’ like a dictator then he has to lose the tash, don’t you think? But first PM is going to have to find an alternative to the two-tone khaki shirts PM loves to wear, cause PM is tired of being labeled a farmer! like its a bad thing!

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