Dear Clark Gabriel-Brown

Aunty Panga and PM have been arguing over who would be best equipped to write this letter.

Aunty Panga would like the tone to be constructive, even if it runs the risk of being patronising. You see Aunty Panga hopes you might use the feedback to improve the Art Times publication. PM thinks diplomacy is a waste of type, and argues that the evidence suggests you are not a man who understands visual or text-based subtlety . The layout of the magazine certainly supports PM’s assertion.

PM says you should stop raping amateur artists for advertising revenue, PUNT. Aunty Panga thinks giving amateurs false hope ( An advert will not improve their careers) is cruel. PM thinks it’s cruel on the magazine reader who is forced to fight the visual fatigue created by those (and Panga management quotes PM exactly) ” ugly as fuck artworks text heavy circa 1990 font choice ensembles, the Art Times calls adverts”.

Aunty Panga suggests that if you have to rape the amateur market to remain in print, best to place the adverts very far away from any serious cultural contributions. There are some very insightful texts being smothered in the miasmatic dander of those hideous adverts.  If the readers can’t find those texts in-between all the hideous, they will stop reading the magazine. If no one reads the magazine the amateurs are advertising to a vacuum. They may be amateur artists but they are not stupid people( PM thinks Aunty Panga is being way to generous). Hence when they work out no one is reading the magazine, they will stop advertising, are you picking up what Aunty Panga is gently putting down? Likewise Aunty Panga feels it would be kind to advise the amateur artist/gallery on a set visual format their advert should be supplied in. Aunty Panga feels that would go a long way to making the magazine look less like Milnerton Market- after a severe dose of the Cape Doctor.

PM thinks you should buy a fucking dictionary. Aunty Panga suggests that perhaps you should allow someone to read through the text before its goes to print. Aunty Panga advises that people who do this are called editors. Aunty Panga also suggests that when they over look something important – it’s okay to smack them over the knuckles.

When PM saw that the Art Times had featured Mikhael Subotzky on the front cover, and then proceeded to spell his name wrong – ON THE FRONT COVER, PM was not the slightest bit surprised. It was Aunty Panga, who refrains from swearing as a rule, that was overheard exclaiming “what a bunch of dumb ass cunts!” Aunty Panga has denied that Aunty said “cunts”. Aunty Panga claims that Aunty said “clowns”. Panga Management never argues with Aunty Panga…. but let’s be honest no one confuses hearing “clowns” with hearing “cunts”. Panga Managmenet was very proud of Aunty Panga’s swearing, but allowed sweet Aunty the white lie.

What a coincidence! PM has just noticed that your name has been spelt wrong at the top of this letter, Panga Management does apologies, how terribly rude of Panga Management, that should read Gabriel Clark-Brown.

PM says Jenny Altschuler needs her enthusiasm curbed by a straight jacket, AKA, back the fuck away from the subject, Jenny! Aunty Panga gentle articulates how the close up image on the front cover, kinda makes the subjects look rather unattractive. In the case of Linda Givon (Add the copy text underneath that reads “She’s Back”) the photograph makes Linda look like Chucky from Childs Play. Like her or not, she deserved to be represented with a bit more dignity than that. Aunty Panga wants to reiterate: close-ups are rude!

Panga Management could go on, but PM and Aunty Panga have covered enough bases for you to get the picture. PM reckons that the Art Times is an amateur exercise for the amateur reader. It’s been around long enough to prove that mediocrity does not mind mediocrity, so why bother asking it to be more than it is. Aunty Panga believes that even though it caters for the amateur market, it does owe it to its readers, to uphold the minimum standards of good practice, and hence needs to pull up its socks.

Love From Panga Management, PM and Aunty Panga

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  1. Tal says:

    Jenny Altschuler never shot LInda Givon for the Art Times. It was shot by John Hodgkiss. Jenny Altschuler left the Art Times after the spelling error and other continuous errors had marred her presentation in the Art Times.

    A letter to the editor, Gabriel Clarke-Brown quotes her as saying, .. “Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors have just been a joke with everyone who reads the Art Times. I have begged you every month for proof reading. How can anyone take this magazine seriously? The late boat is always late and leaves without me every single month… and now the Mikhael Subotzky disaster!

    Before the Art Times, I was less known for my portraiture, but what am I now known for? Good pics and ridiculously bad writing. Please, I can never again allow an article to be published without:

    1. My proofing of cover, inside pics and articles/ interviews. 2. The subject’s proofing of the same. These were my basic needs and demands and I am thrilled to repeat them today.”

    But the January 2012 was the last time Altschuler shot for the Art Times. Not only did the Art Times defame her but so did you guys. You should apologise. Check out her covers. They are superb!

    Tal Z

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