So auction houses are big business in South Africa, and Panga Management spends a fair amount of time trying to avoid the boring auction house news. Let’s be honest, who really gives a fuck…. there are only four people who care how much money an Irma Stern painting commands on the auction market – that would be the seller, the buyer, the auction house share holders, and the museum curator ( who knows that the museum they work for will never be able to afford any of the quality artworks that might come up for auction).

Auction news equals PM falling into a voluntary intellectual coma.

Then Stephan Welz and Co produce an advert ( see below) that is in such poor taste, that a concerned Aunty Panga shakes PM awake, spikes PM’s sugar levels with Lemon Meringue and demands PM take action. So here’s what PM has to say….. Stephan Welz and Co, what possessed you to smear a four-year old little girl in red lipstick, mascara, diamonds and pearls and use her as the subject in an advert next to the copy text “Invitation to consign for our forthcoming auction”. Are you trying to break into the paedophile market? Come now, it seems your visual literacy has hit an all time low. This advert is evidence that it’s not just PM who becomes comatosed when one mentions the word auction, clearly the marketing people at Stephan Welz and Co suffer from the same affliction.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    psst, no t in Welz, otherwise pretty spot on. ;-)

  2. Norman Schwartz says:

    It would be interesting to learn who the actual owners/sellers of all the Irma Sterns are/were from 2001 until 2012 and who the actual dealers are? Bonhams had over 50 on their 2009 sale and yet they had very few provenances? An interesting project for the SARS and an investigative journo, who specializes in the world of Fine Art auctions? A tip of the iceberg!!!

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