Everyone seems to have jumped on the penis angle, ouch! Click here for story. But have negated to mention a few far more important points, and now that Aunty Panga has finished counseling the Preez. PM will ask some questions.

Freedom of expression and penis jokes  aside, is Brett Murray’s The Spear a strong artwork?

Why does the penis angle bother the ANC more than the reference to Zuma as Lenin ?

So a white guy makes an artwork which references the Preez’s penis and there is a fracas, but a black guy makes an artwork that puts a squeeze/crutch on the president’s penis , and nobody mentions it. See Ayanda Mbula’s painting below. Why is that panga people ?

Un-mute my tongue by Ayanda Mabulu. Image courtesy of Worldart and the artist.

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  1. Sean Jacobs says:

    BTW, Truworths in Cape Town banned Mabulu’s work a while back.

    • The did Sean. Not the above work, Un-mute my tongue, but another work. PM wrote a post about that when it happened to. Unfortunately big capital is just as threatened by satire or politically engaged artwork. Corporate fundamentalism is just as scary as religious or political fundamentalism. What Truworths did was corporate censorship.

  2. Stephen says:

    Both are in bad taste. Obviously the “artists” cannot draw any quality decent pictures. Mabula’s contains many innuendo’s some of them racist and some insulting the intelligence of high profile figures. Both junk.

    • Stephen, taste is in ones mouth.
      You like everyone else is quite within your rights to dislike an artwork.
      But PM will not so subtlety remind you, that just because it is not to your taste, does not make it “junk”. Self criticality is always useful Stephen.

  3. Mike says:

    Is the artist obssesed with African people’s private parts or what in this portrayed it’s only African people who are naked maybe I’m wrong.

  4. Shala Sebueng says:

    There is a difference between art and insult.Art is all about creativity,thinking hard n painting sumthing extra ordinary that will wow people and I don’t think painting people with private parts showing is artistic n the state president for that matter.That’s clearly n insult to him.

    • Aunty Panga understands that people have had an emotional response to these works, but no sweet Shala, you are mistaken- sometimes there is not a difference between art and insult. Sometimes the better the artwork the more insulting it might appear to be . There is a long history of painting/sculpting nudes male and female. Brett Murray’s exhibition as a whole criticed and questioned the hypocrisy in the current ANC , and the focus on the presidents penis by the ANC is a smokescreen to perhaps steer peoples attention away from the rest of the work. PM suggest that perhaps you read PM’s post Reading the spear by Brett Murray and see if that adds another angle to your perspective on the discussion. Love Aunty Panga

  5. Anonymous says:

    Possibly because the portrayal of the president doesn’t at all reflect his features. What gave you the idea that it’s the president that’s portrayed anyway?

  6. Nancy says:

    Does nobody “notice” that Bishop Desmond Tutu is “also” naked? Art is supposed to create an emotional response.. whether it be anger or calm and can inspire motivation or dissent. Art creates the questions that people need to ask and is therefore vital if “we”, as a country, want to progress. We can only fix something, if we know that it is “broken”. How many people out there are critical of people in power, but don’t speak out? Artworks like these “open” those discussions, and no matter how heated they are, they are vital to progress. There can be no change without conflict. It is not about whether we agree or disagree… everyone who has an opinion is right. But having the right to voice your opinion is essential.

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