PM has been following this Ayanda Mabulu /the father of the nation penis thing with mild amusement. PM has been most fascinated with the petty political canvassing that has been hinged to this none event by the Western Cape Gatkruipers. The WC ANC and the WC DA have been ping-ponging the clichéd rhetoric around like Neanderthals trying to bounce bones off a stone floor.

Really people – it’s tedious. Utterances (to use a term popular with South African politicians) like those of Marius Fransman (see below) make PM laugh out loud. True or false: When you become a South Africa politician you are awarded a lucky packet filled with big words, the first person to use all their allocated words in one text wins a gold star. Oh, and it does not matter if the text does not make any practical sense….

Well Marius you are certainly the winner in this case and I’m sure somebody will staple a gold star to your forehead soon. You must be very proud. Give your speech writer a BMW.

“The artist has allowed himself to be used by his principals – the gallery owners – bringing to the fore the primordial paternalism, inherent racism and Eurocentric mannerisms prevalent in some people who may support him. 

The fact that the artist is an African does not make it any less racist nor Eurocentric. Worse still it would seem that the artist either wittingly or unwittingly has done the dirty work of his erstwhile master – the gallery – or now will be rewarded by becoming a house slave and with some notoriety. “

Then you have the DA provincial leader Theuns Botha laughing with glee because clumsy Marius has made it so easy for him to backhand some points onto the scoreboard.

“Should Mr Fransman fail to do so, we will consider further action through the Human Rights Commission or the Equality Court,” Botha said yesterday. Botha said Fransman’s comment was hateful to Mabulu and showed a disregard for the artist’s right to freedom of expression.” Read full link here.

What Theuns has said might indeed be true, but since when does the DA give a fuck about the Visual Arts? The Western Cape and City of Cape Town don’t even have a Public Art policy. Nor do they allocate any meaningful provincial budget to visual arts. At best they throw shrapnel coinage at the visual arts community as if it was a drunken car guard.

Pleeease Theuns, just because Marius has made it really easy for you to win the moral high ground does not mean the rest of us are impressed with your victory.  Nor does it mean we really think you care about freedom of expression – cause if you did, then you would be setting up policies that enabled freedom of expression to flourish in the Western Cape.

Boys, Aunty Panga thinks you are both to old to be fighting in sand pits with plastic beach spades. Aunty P knows growing up is hard, but really its very overdue.

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  1. mumble says:

    Artists want to paint Zuma’s balls but can’t find any

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