You know how it is, your having a perfectly reasonable conversation, it might be about the weather or a newspaper article or who the fuck knows, but the conversation is holding your attention. Then the terrible occurs.  Now PM does not know what the terrible is for you, but there are a number of things that count as the terrible for PM.  PM has a list but for the sake of succinctness PM won’t go through that list now. Keeping to the original train of thought, there are two absolute terribles that rear their ugly sounds, luckily only on occasion. When they are ejected from anybody’s mouth they automatically demerit the conversation. They are the words brouhaha and nosh. A shiver goes down PM’s Spine.

What are people thinking when the use these words?  For the sake of an even approach, PM gives you the objective definitions.

Brouhaha, meaning an overexcited and noisy response, a commotion, hubbub or uproar. It’s a negative word for some unpleasant confusion”

Nosh, meaning a snack or light meal. Noshed, noshing, noshes meaning to eat a snack or light meal”

The below is what PM hears, and sees in PM mind’s eye, when these words are uttered.

Brouhaha- is an old person coughing. The articulator snaps from previously unlabelled to – uptight, passive aggressive and brittle. Horrid. Undoubtedly the user of the before mentioned hideous (don’t make PM type it out again) would also do things like Nosh. Noshing is just disgusting. Noshing is eating with your mouth open, talking and chewing, noshing is projecting indiscriminate and wet pieces of something at the person beside/in front/near to you. PM feels a mock charge coming on at the thought of that word. Why would anyone use it to describe anything they were doing. Yuk.

That’s all PM has to say about that. Use those words at your peril.


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