Nope….yawn…..PM wonders if the irregular, bumpy, uneven, crooked, devious, disproportionate, unbalanced, unequal spending took place to assist the current minister ascend the ANC hillock of power. It’s always useful to have a favour bank of public funds to dip into; for cultural activities like champagne in Venice. PM has noted in previous posts how Mr Minister (that would be you Paul) quite fancies riding the ANC personal ambition escalator. The above and below seems to indicate that your attention has been everywhere other than managing your department. Paul, Paul, Paul, what is to be done with you and your department? Aunty Panga thinks you should all be fired with immediate effect. PM thinks you should all be fired in a kiln.

PM was surprised by the auditor’s findings that 22 out of the 27 DAC entities (museums, theatres, blah and blah) got dirty audits. Not dirty in that fun kinda way – dirty in that grimy fingernails kinda way. PM is certainly aware that there is a whole lot of fucked-up in the public cultural sector. PM however ,was not aware that there was enough money allocated to any of these entities for the financial officers/directors to screw up spending it wisely, and reporting on it clearly. For Fucks sake, how hard is it to keep track of R100 (relatively speaking). Oh wait, that’s right, most of these entities are not staffed by professionals – so sorry- PM’s bad, PM almost forgot this well-known fact.

If any of you panga people want to read the auditor’s full findings click here.

PM hopes for Paul’s sakes he has a packet of the below cause this is the perfect ammunition for anyone who wants to piss on the lobbing Paul (and by association his BFF’s) are doing in the run up to Mangaung.

“DAC Wet Wipes are a great way of staying on the move and having the assurance of a product that can keep your hands and relevant surfaces around the home and office disinfected and clean.”

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