Dear Aunty Panga,

The Art Times’ campaign to boycott the Visual Arts Indaba is ironic at best, probably offensive, and quite possibly racist. That the Indaba is a joke is a fact, but surely no one in South Africa is surprised that government is capable of being poorly organized and wasteful?

What concerns me is the Art Times’ labeling of the conference as the ‘Largest Fraud is SA’s Visual Arts History’. Surely the omission of Pemba, Sekoto, Mahlangu, Clarke et al from our national art history for the better part of a century was a much, much larger fraud? And why do they tiptoe around mentioning Sibisi Gallery (‘one of the galleries from Joburg has only been open for a few months…’)? Perhaps they realize that their dismissal of an important new black owned gallery is suspicious?

In any event they should be careful what they wish for–if the South African visual arts community were to boycott all badly conceived platforms, the Art Times itself would surely be next.


A visual arts ‘stakeholder’

Aunty P has been very, shall we say agitated( PM has been bluntly fucked off) , by this nonsense DAC indaba thing. Aunty P tried to make Aunty feel better by baking Fuck the DAC brownies last night. Alas it did not work, though PM can vouch for the quality of the brownies they were fabfuckingtastic. Aunty P received the above correspondence this morning and has decided it needs to be circulated. Sometimes things just need to be talked about. Aunty P is a big believer in the “better out than in” philosophy.

Have a brownie , lets talk.

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