Panga Management is not open to advertising, there is no amount of money you can throw at PM to make PM change PM’s mind. PM Says sod-off to logos, branding, naming rights and sponsored links.

Panga Management is always touched when individuals and organisations approach PM offering financial donations. That being said PM accepts no financial donations. Panga Management does not speak for the arts community, PM speaks for PM, how- ever PM supports the arts community so when you support the arts community you directly support PM’s team. Hence should you wish to make a financial donation, you can contact Panga Management via email, and PM will refer you onto a number of fantastic arts organisations and arts projects. The logistical/financial management of your patronage, and the acknowledgement of your patronage, will be handled by the systems and policies of these individual organisations/programmes/ projects and not by PM. Panga Management respects the independence of these organisations/programmes/ projects and requests no acknowledgement from them if donations should arrive through the above facilitation. The warm fuzzy feeling is more than enough for PM. A healthy, productive and well watered cultural landscape would make PM very happy.

Panga Management accepts no “gifts”. That being said, Panga Management does not know everything about everything (strange but true), and hence reserves the right to request assistance from technical, legal, historical or any other relevant specialists should the need arise. The acknowledgement of these in-kind donations will never take the form of advertising on Panga Management. PM will however, genuinely acknowledge the assistance of these specialists should the specialist request it, or should there assistance add to any content on Panga Management.

Panga Management has recently been approached by an NPO arts charity and an emerging curator, both with interesting projects that required financial assistance. These approaches where made in the hopes the Panga Management would draw attention to the projects and the opportunity for patrons to get financially involved in the projects. IMPORTANT TO NOTE. Though Panga Management genuinely thinks these projects are great, Panga Management is not the right forum, and does not wish to be a community notice board, and hence will not offer assistance in this way even to the most worthwhile of projects.

That being said, PM has undertaken to contact VANSA, Artthrob, SA Art times and Art South Africa and request that they consider having a “Patronage Page” in their “News Section”, a place where curators/arts charities searching for funding/sponsorship, can publish info about their project, a place that civil society and art patrons can check to see if any of the projects on the page resonates with their urge to share capital. Good idea hey! PM thinks it’s a keeper!

Whistle blowers and knowledgeable individuals are welcome to email information they feel might be relevant to PM’s interests. Panga Management will acknowledge receipt of the mail but PM will not necessarily engage in dialogue around the information emailed, nor will PM give a reason should PM decide not to publish content about the information given, situation exposed or opinion expressed. Panga Management will however keep all sources confidential. Up to the point that this page was posted, Panga Management has come to all PM’s conclusions on all of the posts published through observation, common sense and the power of mother Google.

The above is by no means a call to be added to any mailing lists for exhibition invites or notifications of art events, neither is this an open call for people to engage Panga Management in a familiar manner. Panga Management does not know you, and you don’t know Panga Management. There is a comment section under each post for you to engage with the content on Panga Management should you wish.

PM reiterates – Should PM receive an invitation to your exhibition Panga Management will curse your unborn children. Has Panga Management made this clear? DO NOT SPAM PM; Panga Management will never review your exhibition.

Panga Management writes for PM primarily. Panga Management feels no obligation to write when PM does not feel like it. Likewise PM feels no obligation to write content dictated by the tastes of PM subscribers. That being said, it is very happy-making for PM, when somebody new subscribes to Panga Management. None the less, if PM starts being captivated by the birthing techniques of molluscs, PM will write about that, even though PM doubts that it will be of interest to anyone. If PM decides PM is going become a reborn street fashion blogger, then that’s exactly what PM will do (Hush My Sweet, Hush! that’s never going to happen, it was just an example).PM is asserting the above, not because PM does not hold PM’s subscribers and readers in a circle of love, but because PM embrace’s independence and cares enough to manage any expectations there might be out there. Panga Management has a very strict blogging code that PM sticks to. PM wants you to know this code exists even though PM is never going to share it with you.

“A man must have a code” Omar from The Wire

Panga Management does not speak in public; this is not because Panga Management lacks beautiful two-tone khaki shirts and Caterpillar ankle boots for these special occasions, but because Panga Management does not speak in public. Should you wish Panga Management to give a lecture, alternative arrangements can be made via the blogosphere.

Panga Management is as dyslexic, as the Comrades marathon is long for a man with no legs. Hence PM has been known to make errors with words (sculpture often becomes sculptor and of course the spell check wont pick that up). Panga Management will not apologies for these errors, that’s just how it is. Panga Management is a blog, not a publication with an editor. That being said Panga Management will make corrections if the errors come to PM’s attention and the more PM writes the better PM gets at spotting these classic PM typo’s.

Should you wish to publish any of Panga Management’s material in the printed media, please confirm PM’s agreement to this, and the terms and conditions of the agreement before-hand. Though PM has nothing against it in principal, don’t assume it’s a done deal.

You are welcome to email Panga Management questions; PM reserves the right not to answer them.

You are welcome to submit comments on the posts; Panga Management reserves the right not to publish them. If PM thinks the comments are irrelevant to the post, counterproductive or if Panga Management thinks you are an idiot, PM won’t approve them. People who think blogs are democratic spaces, where everyone can have their say, probably believe everything they read in newspapers too.

Panga Management will on occasion post interviews, unless otherwise stated they have taken place via email.

Panga Management is happy to give interviews, but requires all questions in writing, in advance, before PM will confirm PM’s interest.

The only way to contact Panga Management is via email at Please note PM does not check PM’s mail daily.

Right, PM thinks that about covers all the questions PM has been asked recently. Well the ones that PM is prepared to answer anyway.


  1. Sister Lucretia says:

    Sister Lucretia, while tending Sister Bench’s prize sow was mortified to hear PANGA had deleted dearly beloved Sister’s posts. Sister only has love in her heart. God bless PANGA.

    • take a deep breath and say some hail Mary’s, sister L. PM would never delete sister B’s posts so look again and PM’s sure you will find them, right where they were left. If they don’t appear- being that you are surely closer to god than PM, please do PM the greatest favour and ask the patron saint of fucked up computer stuff , to see to their return. Love to the sow XPM

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