Nope….yawn…..PM wonders if the irregular, bumpy, uneven, crooked, devious, disproportionate, unbalanced, unequal spending took place to assist the current minister ascend the ANC hillock of power. It’s always useful to have a favour bank of public funds to dip into; for cultural activities like champagne in Venice. PM has noted in previous posts how Mr Minister (that would be you Paul) quite fancies riding the ANC personal ambition escalator. The above and below seems to indicate that your attention has been everywhere other than managing your department. Paul, Paul, Paul, what is to be done with you and your department? Aunty Panga thinks you should all be fired with immediate effect. PM thinks you should all be fired in a kiln.

PM was surprised by the auditor’s findings that 22 out of the 27 DAC entities (museums, theatres, blah and blah) got dirty audits. Not dirty in that fun kinda way – dirty in that grimy fingernails kinda way. PM is certainly aware that there is a whole lot of fucked-up in the public cultural sector. PM however ,was not aware that there was enough money allocated to any of these entities for the financial officers/directors to screw up spending it wisely, and reporting on it clearly. For Fucks sake, how hard is it to keep track of R100 (relatively speaking). Oh wait, that’s right, most of these entities are not staffed by professionals – so sorry- PM’s bad, PM almost forgot this well-known fact.

If any of you panga people want to read the auditor’s full findings click here.

PM hopes for Paul’s sakes he has a packet of the below cause this is the perfect ammunition for anyone who wants to piss on the lobbing Paul (and by association his BFF’s) are doing in the run up to Mangaung.

“DAC Wet Wipes are a great way of staying on the move and having the assurance of a product that can keep your hands and relevant surfaces around the home and office disinfected and clean.”

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Panga Management has come across a great online resource Photo Tampering Throughout History and PM is sure you will all be pleased to know, Its updated frequently. The Citizens fuck up has made the list of  ” the instances that have been most controversial or notorious, or ones that raise the most interesting ethical questions.”  Well done Citizen, PM gives you a well deserved sl.o.o.o.w clap.

There is always a reason for tampering, there is never an “accident” for tampering.

A study by Dario Sacchi, Franca Agnoli and Elizabeth Loftus, published in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology, shows that people’s memories of events can be altered by viewing doctored images. Read more about that here.

PM cut and pasted some of PM’s absolute favourites from the Photo Tampering Throughout History site.

“Stalin routinely air-brushed his enemies out of photographs. In this photograph a commissar was removed from the original photograph after falling out of favor with Stalin. Circa 1930 ”  AKA  Stalin says “You fuck with me, I tamper with you  – forever” .

“In order to create a more heroic portrait of himself, Benito Mussolini had the horse handler removed from the original photograph. 1942″ AKA Mussolini says ” I’m not afraid of falling of my horse, I’m not Eugene Terre’Blanche ! take that horse handler man out of my picture!”

“A World War II photo published in the Russian magazine Ogoniok shows several Russian soldiers raising the Soviet flag atop the German Reichstag building. At the request of the editor-in-chief of the magazine, the photo was altered prior to publication to remove what appeared to be a watch from the right arm of the solider supporting the flag-bearer. Though in reality the object on his right arm was most likely a compass, there was concern that viewers would conclude that he had watches on both wrists, and take that as evidence that he had been looting. 1945”

“The Israeli newspaper Yated Neeman digitally removed two female Cabinet members from a photo of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (center left) and President Shimon Peres (center right), replacing the females with male Cabinet members. The newspaper Yated Neeman is considered to be ultra-orthodox and not supportive of females in the cabinet.”  Yup, that is what Stalin did to !

“This Pulitzer Prize winning photo by John Filo shows Mary Ann Vecchio screaming as she kneels over the body of student Jeffrey Miller at Kent State University, where National Guardsmen had fired into a crowd of demonstrators, killing four and wounding nine. The photo originally featured a visually distracting fencepost behind Mary Ann Vecchio’s head, but this was removed by an unknown photo editor in the early 1970’s. The modified photo then was published in Life magazine and other publications.”

Stick in the head, never a good look.

“An image of an Iranian missile test appeared on the front page of many major newspapers. The image was from the web site of Sepah News, the media arm of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. After the publication of this photo, it was revealed that the second missile from the right was digitally added to the image in order to conceal a missile on the ground that did not fire. July 2008 ”

and then in July 2012

“Proving that some fake photos refuse to die, the London’s Sunday Times ran a story entitled “Iran issues stark threat to Israel” and accompanied it with the widely debunked and ridiculed Iranian missile test photo ” above.

“Tails magazine needed to post a notice on their blog that a photograph of their October 2010 cover was in fact a fake. The cover featured a photo of TV personality Rachel Ray with the subheading “Rachel Ray finds inspiration in cooking her family and her dog.” In fact, the original magazine cover included the necessary commas that significantly alter the meaning of the sentence: “Rachel Ray finds inspiration in cooking, her family, and her dog.” Illustrating the persistent life of online fakes, the magazine needed to repost the notice again in June 2012 when the image went even more widely viral.”

PM is still laughing about this – dogs and family are tasty !

“A magazine ad for an Olay beauty product featuring the model Twiggy was banned in the United Kingdom by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). “Olay is my secret to brighter-looking eyes,” read the ad, and “… reduces the look of wrinkles and dark circles for brighter, younger-looking eyes.” In its ruling, the ASA said that it considered that the post-production retouching of the original ad, specifically in the eye area, could give consumers a “misleading impression of the effect the product could achieve”. An Olay spokesperson said the “minor retouching” had been inconsistent with its policies and it had already replaced the image with one with “no postproduction work in the eye area”.

Aunty Panga thinks there should be an eye cream called “Photoshop in a bottle”

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PM has been pondering this for the last few days. Lets start at the beginning. The Citizen newspaper digitally removes (clones out) content from a photograph that is published on the newspapers front page. Obviously/understandably people are peeved by this, and who ever signed off on this decision, can fairly be described as having acted in a way that suggests they are dumber than a bag of hammers. Consequences trickle in. You can get the gist here and here .

The Citizen apologies, stating it had not intended to remove the bodies, just to pixellate them, and  some (random) person had not pixellated them as directed, but removed them. PM’s first question is – who signed off on the fuck up? Cause the editorial staff must have seen it. Surely somebody signs off on the final layout? It was on the front page, not an easy thing to miss – you would think.

Blurred bodies in image magically become no bodies = nothing happened = no one died= what is the news here= Why is This a Front page news story= wait there is something missing here !?! oh yes! the bodies !

So the Citizen did this by accident? Nope, PM just can’t believe this was done by accident, not in the way they suggested in their statement anyway. Anyone who “accidentally” disrespects the power of images, in a newspaper of all places, should be fired/ dropped kicked off the playing field, and the person who hired them should also be fired.

PM gets why a newspaper might want to blur scenes of a graphic nature. Fair enough, but why not just use another image not so graphic? If PM was the AFP photographer who took the original image that the Citizen fucked with, PM would be feeling, at very least, a bit pissy at this point. In fact, PM would think that AFP’s legal team should be knocking on the Citizens door with a very concerned (grumpy as all hell) letter about “the terms and conditions” that the Citizen agreed to when they purchased the rights to use/distribute that image. Surely there are terms and conditions that protect the photographers and AFPs integrity?

Its seems to PM, that the Citizen, one way or another has brought its integrity and ethical standing into question – big time.

Anyway, the above aside. Let’s get down to the real nitty – gritty. If altering an image and presenting it as “real” (for whatever reason) can be done by “accident” with no one noticing before it goes to print. What’s to stop somebody from doing it on purpose all the time? If employees of the newspaper get fired for complaining about it publically, will the rest be silenced through fear of losing their jobs?

Below is the “accidentally” altered image and below that , the original.

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